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Volume A
Space-group symmetry
Edited by Th. Hahn

International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. A, ch. 1.1, p. 2

Section 1.1.4. Functions

Th. Hahna*

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1.1.4. Functions

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Printed symbolExplanation
[\rho (xyz)] Electron density at the point x, y, z
[P(xyz)] Patterson function at the point x, y, z
[F(hkl)]; or F Structure factor (of the unit cell), corresponding to the Bragg reflection hkl
[|F(hkl)|]; or [|F|] Modulus of the structure factor [F(hkl)]
[\alpha (hkl)]; or α Phase angle of the structure factor [F(hkl)]

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