International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. A, ch. 1.2, p. 4

Chapter 1.2. Printed symbols for conventional centring types

Chapter index

centred and primitive 1.2.1
Centred cell and lattice 1.2.2
H and h cell (hexagonal lattice) 1.2.1, 1.2.1
axes, cell and coordinate system 1.2.1
Line (one-dimensional) groups and lattices 1.2.1
Obverse setting of R cell 1.2.1
One-dimensional (line)
groups and lattices 1.2.1
Plane (two-dimensional) lattices, nets and cells 1.2.1
Primitive basis, cell and lattice 1.2.2
Printed symbols 1.2.1
R cell (rhombohedral lattice) 1.2.1
Reverse setting of R cell 1.2.1
axes, cell, coordinate system and lattice 1.2.1
space groups 1.2.1
S centring 1.2.2
rhombohedral, obverse and reverse 1.2.1
for centring types (modes) of cells 1.2.1
for line (one-dimensional) groups 1.2.1
for plane (two-dimensional) groups 1.2.1
Two-dimensional (plane)
lattices, nets and cells 1.2.1