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Volume A
Space-group symmetry
Edited by M. I. Aroyo

International Tables for Crystallography (2015). Vol. A, ch. 1.5, p. 95

Section Synoptic table of the plane groups

B. Souvignier,c G. Chapuisd and H. Wondratscheka Synoptic table of the plane groups

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The possible plane-group symbols are listed in Table[link]. Two cases of multiple cells are included in addition to the standard cells, namely the c centring in the square system and the h centring in the hexagonal system. The c centring is defined by[{\bf a'}={\bf a}\mp{\bf b}\semi\ {\bf b'}=\pm{\bf a}+{\bf b}]with centring points at 0, 0 and [{\textstyle{1 \over 2}},{\textstyle{1 \over 2}}]. The triple h cell is defined by[{\bf a'}={\bf a}-{\bf b}\semi\ {\bf b'}={\bf a}+2{\bf b} ]with centring points at 0, 0; [\textstyle{{2}\over{3}},\textstyle{{1}\over{3}}] and [\textstyle{{1}\over{3}},\textstyle{{2}\over{3}}]. The glide lines g directly listed under the mirror lines m in the extended and multiple cell symbols indicate that the two symmetry elements are parallel and alternate in the perpendicular direction.

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