Tables for
Volume A
Space-group symmetry
Edited by M. I. Aroyo

International Tables for Crystallography (2015). Vol. A, ch. 1.5, p. 96


B. Souvignier,c G. Chapuisd and H. Wondratscheka

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List of plane-group symbols

System and lattice symbolPoint groupNo. of plane groupHermann–Mauguin symbolFull symbol for other settingMultiple cell
Oblique 1   1   p1      
p 2   2   p2      
Rectangular m [\Bigg\{] 3 pm [p1m1]   [p11m]  
p, c 4 pg [p1g1]   [p11g]  
5 cm [c1m1] [\matrix{c1m1\hfill\cr g\hfill\cr}] [c11m]  
2mm [\left\{}\right.] 6   [p2mm]   [p2mm]  
7   [p2mg]   [p2gm]  
8   [p2gg]   [p2g g]  
9   [c2mm] [\matrix{c2mm\hfill\cr g\ g\hfill\cr}] [c2mm]  
Square 4   10   [p4]     [c4]
p 4mm [\Bigg\{] 11   [p4mm] [\matrix{p4mm\hfill\cr g\hfill\cr}]   [\matrix{c4mm\hfill\cr g\hfill\cr}]
12   [p4gm] [\matrix{p4gm\hfill\cr g\hfill\cr}]   [\matrix{ c4mg\hfill\cr g\hfill\cr}]
Hexagonal 3   13   p3     h3
p 3m [\Bigg\{] 14   [p3m1] [\matrix{p3m1\hfill\cr g\hfill}]   [\matrix{h31m\hfill\cr g\hfill\cr}]
15   [p31m] [\matrix{p31m\hfill\cr g\hfill\cr}]   [\matrix{ h3m1\hfill\cr g\hfill\cr}]
6   16   p6     h6
6mm   17   p6mm [\matrix{p6mm\hfill\cr g\,g\hfill\cr}]   [\matrix{h6mm\hfill\cr g\,g\hfill\cr}]