Tables for
Volume A
Space-group symmetry
Edited by M. I. Aroyo

International Tables for Crystallography (2016). Vol. A, ch. 1.6, p. 115


H. D. Flackb and U. Shmuelia

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Table No.Bravais latticeLaue classPatterson symmetryComment[link] aP [\overline{1}] [P\overline{1}][link] mP 2/m [P12/m1] Unique b[link] mS (mC, mA, mI) 2/m [C12/m1], [A12/m1], [I12/m1] Unique b[link] mP 2/m [P112/m] Unique c[link] mS (mA, mB, mI) 2/m [A112/m], [B112/m], [I112/m] Unique c[link] oP mmm Pmmm[link] oS (oC) mmm Cmmm[link] oS (oB) mmm Bmmm[link] oS (oA) mmm Ammm[link] oI mmm Immm[link] oF mmm Fmmm[link] tP [4/m] [P4/m][link] tP [4/mmm] [P4/mmm][link] tI [4/m] [I4/m][link] tI [4/mmm] [I4/mmm][link] hP [\overline{3}] [P\overline{3}][link] hP [\overline{3}1m] and [\overline{3}m1] [P\overline{3}1m] and [P\overline{3}m1][link] hP [6/m] [P6/m][link] hP [6/mmm] [P6/mmm][link] hR [\overline{3}] [R\overline{3}] Hexagonal axes[link] hR [\overline{3}m] [R\overline{3}m] Hexagonal axes[link] hR [\overline{3}] [R\overline{3}] Rhombohedral axes[link] hR [\overline{3}m] [R\overline{3}m] Rhombohedral axes[link] cP [m\overline{3}] [Pm\overline{3}][link] cP [m\overline{3}m] [Pm\overline{3}m][link] cI [m\overline{3}] [Im\overline{3}][link] cI [m\overline{3}m] [Im\overline{3}m][link] cF [m\overline{3}] [Fm\overline{3}][link] cF [m\overline{3}m] [Fm\overline{3}m]