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Volume A
Space-group symmetry
Edited by M. I. Aroyo

International Tables for Crystallography (2016). Vol. A, ch. 3.2, p. 775


U. Müllerb

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Classes of rod groups

If N = 2, the conventional symbols differ (the symmetry direction with the N must by shifted to the last position of the symbol and [\overline2] is to be replaced by m). n is an arbitrary positive integer.

Short symbolFull symbolNq
[{\scr p}N]   [N=n]  
[{\scr p}N_q]   [N=n\geq 2] [q = 1,\ldots, N-1]
[{\scr p}\overline N]   [N = n ]  
[{\scr p}N/m]   [N=2n ]  
[{\scr p}N_q/m]   [N=2n] [q=\textstyle{{1}\over{2}}N]
[{\scr p}N2]   [N = 2n+1 ]  
[{\scr p}N22]   [N = 2n ]  
[{\scr p}N_q2]   [N=2n+1] [q=1,\ldots, N-1]
[{\scr p}N_q22]   [N=2n] [q=1,\ldots, N-1]
[{\scr p}Nm]   [N=2n+1]  
[{\scr p}Nmm]   [N=2n ]  
[{\scr p}Nc]   [N=2n+1]  
[{\scr p}Ncc]   [N=2n]  
[{\scr p}N_qmc]   [N=2n] [q=\textstyle{{1}\over{2}}N]
[{\scr p}\overline Nm] [{\scr p}\overline N2/m] [N=2n+1]  
[{\scr p}\overline N2m]   [N=2n]  
[{\scr p}\overline Nc] [{\scr p}\overline N2/c] [N=2n+1]  
[{\scr p}\overline N2c]   [N=2n ]  
[{\scr p}N/mmm] [{\scr p}N/m2/m2/m] [N=2n ]  
[{\scr p}N/mcc] [{\scr p}N/m2/c2/c] [N=2n ]  
[{\scr p}N_q/mmc] [{\scr p}N_q/m2/m2/c] [N=2n] [q=\textstyle{{1}\over{2}}N]