International Tables for Crystallography (2016). Vol. A, ch. 3.3, pp. 777-791

Chapter 3.3. Space-group symbols and their use

Chapter index

additional symmetry elements,
Blickrichtung (symmetry direction),
C cell (tetragonal and hexagonal lattices) 3.3.4
colour symmetry
crystallographic point groups
extended Hermann–Mauguin space-group symbols
generalized symmetry
glide part of a symmetry operation,,,
glide plane
symbols for
H cell (hexagonal lattice) 3.3.4
Hermann–Mauguin point-group symbols,
Hermann–Mauguin space-group symbols,,
changes of 3.3.4
international space-group symbols,,
international symbols for symmetry elements
intersection parameter
klassengleiche (k-) subgroups
lattice symmetry directions,
location part of a symmetry operation,
matrix representation of a symmetry operation
monoclinic settings and cell choices, 3.3.4
monoclinic space groups
Hermann–Mauguin symbols for
origin shift
orthohexagonal C cell 3.3.4
point groups
Hermann–Mauguin symbols for,
symbols for,
reflection conditions
rotation part of a symmetry operation,
Schoenflies point-group symbols
Schoenflies space-group symbols,
screw part of a symmetry operation,,,
screw rotation
monoclinic 3.3.4
Shubnikov point-group symbols,
Shubnikov space-group symbols,,
Shubnikov symbols
for symmetry elements
space groups
changes of symbols 3.3.4
Hermann–Mauguin symbols for,,
international symbols for,,
Schoenflies symbols for
Shubnikov symbols for,,
symbols for,,
klassengleiche (k-)
for glide planes
for point groups,
for space groups,,
for space groups, changes of 3.3.4
for symmetry elements
for symmetry operations
Hermann–Mauguin point-group symbols
Hermann–Mauguin space-group symbols,
international, for symmetry elements
international space-group symbols,,
Schoenflies point-group symbols
Schoenflies space-group symbols
Shubnikov, for symmetry elements
Shubnikov point-group symbols
Shubnikov space-group symbols,
symmetry directions, 3.3.4,
symmetry element
international symbols for
symbols for,,
symmetry operation
location part,
matrix representation of
rotation part,
symbols for
translation part,
systematic absences
translation part of a symmetry operation,