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Space-group symmetry
Edited by M. I. Aroyo

International Tables for Crystallography (2016). Vol. A, ch. 3.6, pp. 857-858

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Each table begins with a headline consisting of two lines with five entries, for example[\matrix{P4/m'mm\qquad\quad\hfill & 4/m'mm\qquad\quad\hfill &{\rm Tetragonal}\hfill\cr 123.3.1001\qquad\quad\hfill&P4/m'2'/m2'/m\qquad\hfill &}]For three-dimensional magnetic space groups, this headline is to the right of the lattice diagram. On the upper line, starting on the left, are three entries:

  • (1) The short international (Hermann–Mauguin) symbol of the magnetic space group. Each symbol has two meanings: The first is that of the Hermann–Mauguin symbol of a magnetic space-group type. The second is that of a specific magnetic space group, the representative magnetic space group (see Section[link]), which belongs to this magnetic space-group type. Given a coordinate system, this group is defined by the list of symmetry operations (see Section[link]) given on the page with this Hermann–Mauguin symbol in the heading, or by the given list of general positions and magnetic moments (see Section[link]).

  • (2) The short international (Hermann–Mauguin) point group symbol for the geometric crystal class to which the magnetic space group belongs.

  • (3) The crystal system or crystal system/Bravais system classification to which the magnetic space group belongs.

The second line has two additional entries:

  • (4) The three-part numerical serial index of the magnetic group (see Section[link]).

  • (5) The full international (Hermann–Mauguin) symbol of the magnetic space group.

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