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Section 3.1.8. Some vector relationships

D. E. Sandsa*

aDepartment of Chemistry, University of Kentucky, Chemistry–Physics Building, Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0055, USA
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3.1.8. Some vector relationships

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The results developed above lead to several useful relationships between vectors; for derivations, see Sands (1982a[link]). Triple vector product

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[\eqalignno{ {\bf u} \wedge ({\bf v} \wedge {\bf w}) &= ({\bf u} \cdot {\bf w}) {\bf v} - ({\bf u} \cdot {\bf v}) {\bf w} &(\cr ({\bf u} \wedge {\bf v}) \wedge {\bf w} &= - ({\bf v} \cdot {\bf w}) {\bf u} + ({\bf u} \cdot {\bf w}) {\bf v}. &(}%(] Scalar product of vector products

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[({\bf u} \wedge {\bf v}) \cdot ({\bf w} \wedge {\bf z}) = ({\bf u} \cdot {\bf w}) ({\bf v} \cdot {\bf z}) - ({\bf u} \cdot {\bf z}) ({\bf v} \cdot {\bf w}). \eqno(] A derivation of this result may be found also in Shmueli (1974[link]). Vector product of vector products

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[\eqalignno{ ({\bf u} \wedge {\bf v}) \wedge ({\bf w} \wedge {\bf z}) &= ({\bf u} \cdot {\bf w} \wedge {\bf z}) {\bf v} - ({\bf v} \cdot {\bf w} \wedge {\bf z}) {\bf u} &( \cr ({\bf u} \wedge {\bf v}) \wedge ({\bf w} \wedge {\bf z}) &= ({\bf u} \cdot {\bf v} \wedge {\bf z}) {\bf w} - ({\bf u} \cdot {\bf v} \wedge {\bf w}) {\bf z.} &(}%(]


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Shmueli, U. (1974). On the standard deviation of a dihedral angle. Acta Cryst. A30, 848–849.Google Scholar

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