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Volume B
Reciprocal space
Edited by U. Shmueli

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P. S. Pershana*

aDivision of Engineering and Applied Science and The Physics Department, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
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The phase diagram for free films of 7O.7 as a function of thickness and temperature. The phases ABAB, AAA, [OR_{m1}], [OR_{m2}], [OR'_{m1}], M and ABAB are all crystalline-B with varying interlayer stacking, or long-wavelength modulations; CrG, SmF and SmI are crystalline-G, smectic-F and smectic-I, respectively (Sirota et al., 1985[link]; Sirota, Pershan & Deutsch, 1987[link]; Sirota, Pershan, Sorensen & Collett, 1987[link]).