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Section Propagation direction

A. Authiera*

aLaboratoire de Minéralogie-Cristallographie, Université P. et M. Curie, 4 Place Jussieu, F-75252 Paris CEDEX 05, France
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The energy of all the waves in a given wavefield propagates in a common direction, which is obtained by calculating either the group velocity or the Poynting vector [see Section A5.1.1.4[link], equation (A5.1.1.8)[link] of the Appendix[link]]. It can be shown that, averaged over time and the unit cell, the Poynting vector of a wavefield is [{\bf S} = (c/\varepsilon_{0}) \exp (4\pi {\bf K}_{{\bf o}i} \cdot {\bf r}) \left[|D_{o}|^{2} {\bf s}_{{\bf o}} + |D_{h}|^{2} {\bf s}_{{\bf h}}\right], \eqno(] where [{\bf s}_{{\bf o}}] and [{\bf s}_{{\bf h}}] are unit vectors in the [{\bf K}_{{\bf o}}] and [{\bf K}_{{\bf h}}] directions, respectively, c is the velocity of light and [\varepsilon_{0}] is the dielectric permittivity of a vacuum. This result was first shown by von Laue (1952)[link] in the two-beam case and was generalized to the n-beam case by Kato (1958)[link].

From ([link] and equation ([link] of the dispersion surface, it can be shown that the propagation direction of the wavefield lies along the normal to the dispersion surface at the tie point (Fig.[link]. This result is also obtained by considering the group velocity of the wavefield (Ewald, 1958[link]; Wagner, 1959[link]). The angle α between the propagation direction and the lattice planes is given by [\tan \alpha = \left[(1 - |\xi |^{2})/(1 + |\xi |^{2})\right] \tan \theta. \eqno(]

It should be noted that the propagation direction varies between [{\bf K}_{{\bf o}}] and [{\bf K}_{{\bf h}}] for both branches of the dispersion surface.


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