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Section Reflection geometry

A. Authiera*

aLaboratoire de Minéralogie-Cristallographie, Université P. et M. Curie, 4 Place Jussieu, F-75252 Paris CEDEX 05, France
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In this case (Fig.[link]) [\hbox{S}(\gamma_{h})] is now −1 and ([link] may be written [\xi_{j} = \hbox{S}(C) \left[\eta \pm (\eta^{2} - 1)^{1/2}\right] / |\gamma|^{1/2}. \eqno(]

Now, let [I_{1}] and [I_{2}] be the points of the dispersion surface where the tangent is parallel to the normal to the crystal surface, and further let [I_{o1}, I_{h1}, I'] and [I_{o2}, I_{h2}, I''] be the intersections of these two tangents with [T_{o}, T_{h}] and [T'_{o}], respectively. For an incident wave of wavevector OM where M lies between I′ and I″, the normal to the crystal surface drawn from M has no real intersection with the dispersion surface and [\overline{I'I''}] defines the total-reflection domain. The tie points [I_{1}] and [I_{2}] correspond to [\eta = -1] and [\eta = +1], respectively, the extinction distance [\Lambda_{L} = 1/\overline{I_{o1}I_{h1}}], the width of the total-reflection domain [2\delta = \overline{I_{o1}I_{o2}}/k = \overline{I'I''}/k] and the deviation parameter [\eta = - \overline{M_{o}M_{h}} / \overline{I_{o1}I_{h1}}], where [M_{o}] and [M_{h}] are the intersections with [T_{o}] and [T_{h}] of the normal to the crystal surface drawn from the extremity of any incident wavevector OM.

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