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Volume B
Reciprocal space
Edited by U. Shmueli

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Section 1.1.1. Introduction

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1.1.1. Introduction

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The purpose of this chapter is to provide an introduction to several aspects of reciprocal space, which are of general importance in crystallography and which appear in the various chapters and sections to follow. We first summarize the basic definitions and briefly inspect some fundamental aspects of crystallography, while recalling that they can be usefully and simply discussed in terms of the concept of the reciprocal lattice. This introductory section is followed by a summary of the basic relationships between the direct and associated reciprocal lattices. We then introduce the elements of tensor-algebraic formulation of such dual relationships, with emphasis on those that are important in many applications of reciprocal space to crystallographic algorithms. We proceed with a section that demonstrates the role of mutually reciprocal bases in transformations of coordinates and conclude with a brief outline of some important analytical aspects of reciprocal space, most of which are further developed in other parts of this volume.

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