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Section 1.2.13. The generalized structure factor

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1.2.13. The generalized structure factor

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In the generalized structure-factor formalism developed by Dawson (1975)[link], the complex nature of both the atomic scattering factor and the generalized temperature factor are taken into account. We write for the atomic scattering factor: [\eqalignno{f_{j} ({\bf H}) &= f_{j, \, {\rm c}} ({\bf H}) + if_{j, \, {\rm a}} ({\bf H}) + f^{'}_{j} + if^{''}_{j} &(\cr T_{j} ({\bf H}) &= T_{j, \, {\rm c}} ({\bf H}) + iT_{j, \,{\rm a}} ({\bf H}) &(}]and [F({\bf H}) = A({\bf H}) + iB({\bf H}), \eqno(]where the subscripts c and a refer to the centrosymmetric and noncentrosymmetric components of the underlying electron distribution, respectively. Substitution in ([link][link][link][link] gives for the real and imaginary components A and B of [F({\bf H})] [\eqalignno{A ({\bf H}) &= {\textstyle\sum\limits_{j}} (f_{j, \, {\rm c}} + f^{'}_{j}) [\cos (2\pi {\bf H} \cdot {\bf r}_{j}) T_{\rm c} - \sin (2\pi {\bf H} \cdot {\bf r}_{j}) T_{\rm a}]\cr &\quad - (f_{j, \, {\rm a}} + f^{''}_{j}) [\cos (2\pi {\bf H} \cdot {\bf r}_{j}) T_{\rm a} + \sin (2\pi {\bf H} \cdot {\bf r}_{j}) T_{\rm c}]\cr&&(}]and [\eqalignno{B ({\bf H}) &= {\textstyle\sum\limits_{j}} (f_{j, \, {\rm c}} + f^{'}_{j}) [\cos (2\pi {\bf H} \cdot {\bf r}_{j}) T_{\rm a} + \sin (2\pi {\bf H} \cdot {\bf r}_{j}) T_{\rm c}]\cr &\quad + (f_{j, \, {\rm a}} + f^{''}_{j}) [\cos (2\pi {\bf H} \cdot {\bf r}_{j}) T_{\rm c} - \sin (2\pi {\bf H} \cdot {\bf r}_{j}) T_{\rm a}]\cr& &(}](McIntyre et al., 1980[link]; Dawson, 1967[link]).

Expressions ([link][link] illustrate the relation between valence-density anisotropy and anisotropy of thermal motion.


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