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Section Structure-factor calculation

G. Bricognea

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Structure factors may be calculated from a list of symmetry-unique atoms by Fourier transformation of the orbit decomposition formula for the motif [\rho\llap{$-\!$}^{0}] given in Section[link]:[\eqalignno{F({\bf h}) &= \bar{{\scr F}}[\rho\llap{$-\!$}^{0}] ({\bf h})&\cr &= \bar{{\scr F}}\left[{\textstyle\sum\limits_{j \in J}} \left({\textstyle\sum\limits_{\gamma_{j} \in G/G_{{\bf x}_{j}}}} S_{\gamma_{j}}^{\#} (\tau_{{\bf x}_{j}} \rho\llap{$-\!$}_{j})\right)\right] ({\bf h})&\cr &= {\textstyle\sum\limits_{j \in J}} \,{\textstyle\sum\limits_{\gamma_{j} \in G/G_{{\bf x}_{j}}}} \bar{{\scr F}}[\tau_{{\bf t}_{\gamma_{j}}} {\bf R}_{\gamma_{j}}^{\#} \tau_{{\bf x}_{j}} \rho\llap{$-\!$}_{j}] ({\bf h})&\cr &= {\textstyle\sum\limits_{j \in J}} \,{\textstyle\sum\limits_{\gamma_{j} \in G/G_{{\bf x}_{j}}}} \exp (2\pi i {\bf h} \cdot {\bf t}_{\gamma_{j}})&\cr &\quad \times [({\bf R}_{\gamma_{j}}^{-1})^{T_{\#}} [\exp (2\pi i{\boldxi} \cdot {\bf x}_{j}) \bar{{\scr F}}[\rho\llap{$-\!$}_{j}]_{{\boldxi}}]] ({\bf h}) &\cr &= {\textstyle\sum\limits_{j \in J}}\, {\textstyle\sum\limits_{\gamma_{j} \in G/G_{{\bf x}_{j}}}} \exp (2\pi i{\bf h} \cdot {\bf t}_{\gamma_{j}})&\cr &\quad \times \exp [2\pi i({\bf R}_{\gamma_{j}}^{T} {\bf h}) \cdot {\bf x}_{j}] \bar{{\scr F}}[\rho\llap{$-\!$}_{j}] ({\bf R}_{\gamma_{j}}^{T} {\bf h})\hbox{\semi}&}]i.e. finally:[F({\bf h}) = {\textstyle\sum\limits_{j \in J}}\, {\textstyle\sum\limits_{\gamma_{j} \in G/G_{{\bf x}_{j}}}} \exp \{2\pi i{\bf h} \cdot [S_{\gamma_{j}} ({\bf x}_{j})]\} \bar{{\scr F}}[\rho\llap{$-\!$}_{j}] ({\bf R}_{\gamma_{j}}^{T} {\bf h}).]

In the case of Gaussian atoms, the atomic transforms are[\bar{{\scr F}}[\rho\llap{$-\!$}_{j}] ({\bf h}) = Z_{j} \exp [- {\textstyle{1 \over 2}} {\bf h}^{T} (4\pi^{2} {\bf Q}_{j}) {\bf h}]]or equivalently[\bar{{\scr F}}[\rho_{j}] ({\bf H}) = Z_{j} \exp [-{\textstyle{1 \over 2}} {\bf H}^{T} (4\pi^{2} {\bf U}_{j}) {\bf H}].]

Two common forms of equivalent temperature factors (incorporating both atomic form and thermal motion) are

  • (i) isotropic B:[\bar{{\scr F}}[\rho\llap{$-\!$}_{j}] ({\bf h}) = Z_{j} \exp (-{\textstyle{1 \over 4}} B_{j} {\bf H}^{T} {\bf H}),]so that [{\bf U}_{j} = (B_{j}/8\pi^{2}) {\bf I}], or [{\bf Q}_{j} = (B_{j}/8\pi^{2}) {\bf A}^{-1} ({\bf A}^{-1})^{T}];

  • (ii) anisotropic β's:[\bar{{\scr F}}[\rho\llap{$-\!$}_{j}] ({\bf h}) = Z_{j} \exp (-{\bf h}^{T} {\boldbeta}_{j} {\bf h}),]so that [{\boldbeta}_{j} = 2\pi^{2} {\bf Q}_{j} = 2\pi^{2} {\bf A}^{-1} {\bf U}_{j} ({\bf A}^{-1})^{T}], or [{\bf U}_{j} = (1/2\pi^{2}) {\bf A}\beta_{j} {\bf A}^{T}].

In the first case, [\bar{{\scr F}}[\rho\llap{$-\!$}_{j}] ({\bf R}_{\gamma_{j}}^{T} {\bf h})] does not depend on [\gamma_{j}], and therefore:[\eqalign{ F({\bf h}) &= {\textstyle\sum\limits_{j \in J}} \,Z_{j} \exp \{-{\textstyle{1 \over 4}} B_{j} {\bf h}^{T} [{\bf A}^{-1} ({\bf A}^{-1})^{T}] {\bf h}\}\cr &\quad \times {\textstyle\sum\limits_{\gamma_{j} \in G/G_{{\bf x}_{j}}}} \exp \{2\pi i{\bf h} \cdot [S_{\gamma_{j}} ({\bf x}_{j})]\}.}]In the second case, however, no such simplification can occur:[\eqalign{ F({\bf h}) &= {\textstyle\sum\limits_{j \in J}} \,Z_{j} {\textstyle\sum\limits_{\gamma_{j} \in G/G_{{\bf x}_{j}}}} \exp [-{\bf h}^{T} ({\bf R}_{\gamma_{j}} {\boldbeta}_{j} {\bf R}_{\gamma_{j}}^{T}) {\bf h}]\cr &\quad \times \exp \{2\pi i{\bf h} \cdot [S_{\gamma_{j}} ({\bf x}_{j})]\}.}]These formulae, or special cases of them, were derived by Rollett & Davies (1955)[link], Waser (1955b)[link], and Trueblood (1956)[link].

The computation of structure factors by applying the discrete Fourier transform to a set of electron-density values calculated on a grid will be examined in Section[link].


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