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Reciprocal space
Edited by U. Shmueli

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Section Arrangement of the tables

U. Shmuelia Arrangement of the tables

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The expressions for A and B are usually presented in terms of the short symbols defined above for all the representations of the plane groups and space groups given in Volume A (IT A, 1983[link]), and are fully consistent with the unit-cell choices and space-group origins employed in that volume. The tables are arranged by crystal families and the expressions appear in the order of the appearance of the corresponding plane and space groups in the space-group tables in IT A (1983)[link].

The main items in a table entry, not necessarily in the following order, are: (i) the conventional space-group number, (ii) the short Hermann–Mauguin space-group symbol, (iii) brief remarks on the choice of the space-group origin and setting, where appropriate, (iv) the real (A) and imaginary (B) parts of the trigonometric structure factor, and (v) the parity of the hkl subset to which the expressions for A and B pertain. Full space-group symbols are given in the monoclinic system only, since they are indispensable for the recognition of the settings and glide planes appearing in the various representations of monoclinic space groups given in IT A (1983)[link].


International Tables for Crystallography (1983). Vol. A, Space-Group Symmetry, edited by Th. Hahn. Dordrecht: Reidel.

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