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Volume B
Reciprocal space
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Bragg reflection. (a) Direct space. Bragg reflection of a wave of wavevector [{\bf K}_{{\bf o}}] incident on a set of lattice planes of spacing d. The reflected wavevector is [{\bf K}_{{\bf h}}]. Bragg's law [2d\sin \theta = n\lambda] can also be written [2d_{hkl} \sin \theta = \lambda], where [d_{hkl} = d/n = 1/OH = 1/h] is the inverse of the length of the corresponding reciprocal-lattice vector [{\bf OH} = {\bf h}] (see part b). (b) Reciprocal space. P is the tie point of the wavefield consisting of the incident wave [{\bf K}_{{\bf o}} = {\bf OP}] and the reflected wave [{\bf K}_{{\bf h}} = {\bf HP}]. Note that the wavevectors are oriented towards the tie point.