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Chapter 5.1. Dynamical theory of X-ray diffraction

Chapter index

Absorbing crystals,,,
Absorption coefficient,
Anomalous absorption 5.1.4
Anomalous transmission effect 5.1.5
Anti-nodes of standing waves 5.1.4
Asymmetry ratio
Back surface
Bloch waves
Borrmann effect 5.1.5
Borrmann triangle
Boundary conditions,
at exit surface
Bragg's law, departure of incident wave from
Bragg case
Debye–Waller factor
Deformed crystal
Deviation parameter,,
Dielectric susceptibility, A5.1.1.1
Fourier expansion of
Dispersion corrections
Dispersion surface
Dynamical diffraction
theory 5.1.1
Dynamical theory 5.1.1
fundamental equations
plane-wave 5.1.3
solution of
Effective absorption coefficient
Electron band theory of solids
Entrance surface
Ewald wave
Extinction distance,,
Fourier expansion
of dielectric susceptibility
Fundamental equations of dynamical theory
Incident wave, departure from Bragg's law
Index of refraction
Integrated intensity,,
Intensities of plane waves
in reflection geometry 5.1.7
in transmission geometry 5.1.6
Intensities of reflected and refracted waves
Interaction of X-rays with matter 5.1.1
Large values of μot
Lattice-parameter mapping 5.1.1
Laue case
Laue point
Linear absorption coefficient
Lorentz point
Many-beam case
Maxwell's equations, A5.1.1.2
Middle of reflection domain
Mosaic crystals 5.1.1
Nodes of standing waves 5.1.4
Non-absorbing case
Non-absorbing crystals,,
comparison of dynamical and geometrical theory
Partially reflected wavefield
Partially transmitted wave
Pendellösung distance,
Penetration depth
Plane-wave dynamical theory 5.1.3
Poynting vector A5.1.1.4
Propagation direction
Propagation equation
Real waves 5.1.8
Reflected intensity
Reflecting power,
Reflection case
Reflection domain, middle of
Reflection geometry,
Rocking curve 5.1.4,
width at half-height
width of
Small values of μot
electron band theory
Solution of dynamical theory
Spherical-wave Pendellösung
Standing waves 5.1.4
anti-nodes of 5.1.4
nodes of 5.1.4
Thick crystals
Thin crystals
comparison of geometrical and dynamical theory
Tie point
Total-reflection domain
Transmission case
Transmission geometry,,
intensities of plane waves in 5.1.6
Triply periodic
Two-beam case
Poynting A5.1.1.4
Width of rocking curve
at half-height
Width of total-reflection domain,
interaction with matter 5.1.1
X-ray topographs 5.1.1
Zero-absorption case