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International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. C, ch. 4.3, p. 414

Section Applications to metals and organic materials

B. B. Zvyaginn Applications to metals and organic materials

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The above treatment, though general, had layer silicates primarily in view. Texture studies are particularly important for metal specimens that have been subjected to cold work or other treatments; the phenomena and their interpretation occupy several chapters of the book by Barrett & Massalski (1980[link]). Similarly, Kakudo & Kasai (1972[link]) devote much space to texture in polymer specimens, and Guinier (1956[link]) gives a good treatment of the whole subject. The mathematical methods for describing and analysing textures of all types have been described by Bunge (1982[link]; the German edition of 1969 was revised in many places and a few errors were corrected for the English translation).


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