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Section 6.4.5. Primary extinction

T. M. Sabinea

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6.4.5. Primary extinction

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Zachariasen (1967[link]) introduced the concept of using the kinematic result in the small-crystal limit for σ, while Sabine (1985[link], 1988[link]) showed that only the Lorentzian or Fresnellian forms of the small crystal intensity distribution are appropriate for calculations of the energy flow in the case of primary extinction. Thus, [ \sigma (\Delta k)= {Q_kT \over 1+(\pi T\Delta k)^2}, \eqno (]where [Q_kV] is the kinematic integrated intensity on the k scale [(k=2\sin \theta /\lambda)], [Q_k=(N_{{c}}\lambda F)^2/\sin \theta], and T is the volume average of the thickness of the crystal normal to the diffracting plane (Wilson, 1949[link]). To include absorption effects, which modify the diffraction profile of the small crystal, it is necessary to replace T by TC, where [ C= {\tanh (\mu D/2)\over(\mu D/2)}. \eqno (]To determine the extinction factor, E, the explicit expression for [\sigma (\Delta k)] [equation ([link]] is inserted into equations ([link] and ([link], and integration is carried out over Δk. The limits of integration are [+\infty] and [-\infty]. The notation [E_{{L}}] and [E_{{B}}] is used for the extinction factors at 2θ = 0 and 2θ = π rad, respectively.

After integration and division by [I^{\rm kin},] it is found that [\eqalignno{ E_{{L}} &=\exp (-y)\{ [1-(x/2)+(x^2/4) \cr &\quad -(5x^3/48)+(7x^4/192)]\}, \quad x\leq 1, &( \cr E_{{L}} &=\exp (-y)[2/(\pi x)]^{1/2}\{ 1-[1/(8x)] \cr &\quad -[3/(128x^2)]-[15/(1024x^3)]\},\quad x\gt 1,&( \cr E_{{B}} &=A/(1+Bx)^{1/2},&(\cr A &=\exp (-y)\sinh y/y, & (}%fd6.4.5.4fd6.4.5.5fd6.4.5.6]and [B=(1/y)-\exp (-y)/\sinh y=A {{\rm d}(A^{-1})\over{\rm d}y}. \eqno (]In these equations, [x=Q_kTCD] and y = μD.


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