Tables for
Volume C
Mathematical, physical and chemical tables
Edited by E. Prince

International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. C, ch. 7.1, p. 634


J. Chikawac

Square-wave modulation transfer function (MTF) measured for the DIS-type, conventional-type Se–As and PbO camera tubes. This function shows the magnitude of brightness modulation in the output image obtained for an input image with a square-wave intensity distribution and is defined by[{\rm MTF} = \Biggl ({{I_{o\, {\rm max}} - I_{o\, {\rm min}}}\over{I_{o\, {\rm max}} + I_{o\, {\rm min}}}} \Biggr) \, \Biggl ({{I_{i\, {\rm max}} - I_{i\,{\rm min}}}\over{I_{i\, {\rm max}} + I_{i\, {\rm min}}}} \Biggr) ^{-1}] where [I_{i\, max}] and [I_{i\, min}] are the maximum and minimum intensities of the input image, respectively, and [I_{o\, max}] and [I_{o\, min}] are those of the output. DIS stands for diode-operation impregnated-cathode Saticon.