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Section Electron-sensitive PSD's

U. W. Arndtb Electron-sensitive PSD's

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In image intensifiers, an output image is produced on a phosphor screen by electrons with an energy of a few keV. A promising device with direct positional read out consists of a demagnifying intensifier in which the phosphor is replaced by a CCD. Various intensifiers have been described in which the electrons reaching the CCD have an energy of several keV so that the electron–hole generation is amplified (EBS process) (Lowrance, Zucchino, Renda & Long, 1979[link]; Lemonnier, Richard, Piaget, Petit & Vittot, 1985[link]). High-energy electrons are liable to cause radiation damage and similar precautions as for X-rays, such as thinning and back-illumination, are necessary. Experiments have been reported with less-damaging low-energy (200 eV) electrons produced in a microchannel plate (MCP) image intensifier (Dereniak, Roehrig, Salcido, Pommerrenig, Simms & Abrahams, 1985[link]). Both approaches look promising but it is questionable whether a device with an X-ray phosphor input and of adequate size and resolution at an affordable price will emerge in the near future.


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