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Section Devices with an X-ray-sensitive photocathode

U. W. Arndtb Devices with an X-ray-sensitive photocathode

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Image converters and television cameras with X-ray-sensitive photocathodes have been reported. These cathodes must be thin, or they must have a low bulk density to allow the photoelectrons to escape (Bateman & Apsimon, 1979[link]; Haubold, 1984[link]).

Television tubes with a beryllium window and a 25 mm diameter lead oxide target are available and experimental 125 mm tubes have been described (Suzuki, Uchiyama & Ito, 1976[link]).

X-ray-sensitive Saticon television camera tubes with an amorphous selenium–arsenic target (Chikawa, Sato & Fujimoto, 1984[link]) have an active diameter of only 10 mm but a limiting resolution (MTF = 5%) of 6 µm. They have an absorption efficiency of 52% for Mo Kα radiation and are used mainly for X-ray topography. Other X-ray-sensitive television camera tubes have been described by Matsushima, Koyama, Tanimoto & Yano (1987[link]), Suzuki, Hayakawa, Usami, Hirano, Endoh & Okamura (1989[link]) and Sato, Maruyama, Goto, Fujimoto, Shidara, Kawamura, Hirai, Sakai & Chikawa (1993[link]). Such tubes are discussed further in Section 7.1.7[link].


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