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Section TV camera tubes

U. W. Arndtb TV camera tubes

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Vacuum-tube television cameras have been largely replaced by semiconductor devices but of the former the preferred tube for use in an X-ray detector is still the silicon-intensifier-target (SIT) tube (Santilli & Conger, 1972[link]). It has an adequate resolution for images up to 512 × 512 pixels and a linear transfer function (unity gamma) and its sensitivity is well matched for use with a single-stage image intensifier with a gain of 100. When cooled, this tube can be used for long exposures in an integrated slow read-out mode (Milch, Gruner & Reynolds, 1982[link]).

When better high-gain image intensifiers become available, the preferred choice may be tubes like the Saticon (Goto, Isozaki, Shidara, Maruyama, Hirai & Fujita, 1974[link]) whose diode gun gives them a superior resolution (Izosaki, Kumada, Okude, Oguso & Goto, 1981[link]) and which have superior `lag' or `sticking' performance, that is a short `memory' for previous high-intensity patterns to which they have been exposed (Shidara, Tanioka, Hirai & Nonaka, 1985[link]).


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