Tables for
Volume C
Mathematical, physical and chemical tables
Edited by E. Prince

International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. C, ch. 7.4, p. 660


N. G. Alexandropoulosa and M. J. Cooperb

The incoherent scattering function, S(x, Z)/Z, per electron for aluminium shown as a function of x = (sin θ)/λ. The Waller–Hartree theory (dotted line) is compared with the truncated impulse approximation in the tabulated Compton profiles (Biggs, Mendelsohn & Mann, 1975[link]) cut off at E < EB for each electron group (solid line). The third curve (dashed line) shows the simplification introduced by Ribberfors (1983[link]) and Ribberfors & Berggren (1982[link]). The predictions are indistinguishable to within experimental error except at low [(\sin\theta/\lambda)]. Reference to the measurements can be found in Ribberfors & Berggren (1982[link]).