International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. C, ch. 8.3, pp. 694-701

Chapter 8.3. Constraints and restraints in refinement

Chapter index

Anisotropic temperature factors,,,,
Bond angles 8.3.2,
Bond lengths, 8.3.2
Chiral volumes,
Cholesky factor
Constrained models 8.3.1
Constraints in refinement 8.3, 8.3
Eulerian angles
Feasible point
Gauss–Newton algorithm
Lagrange undetermined multipliers
Librational model
Libration tensor
Metric tensor
Peptides, standard coordinates
Polypeptides, restraints in refining,
restraints in refining,,
Restraints in refinement 8.3
Rigid-motion parameters
Screw correlation tensor
Space groups
Sparse matrix methods
Stereochemical constraints
conditions for second cumulant tensors
Tensors, symmetry of
Trace of S singularity
Translation tensor
Variable reduction method