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International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. C, ch. 9.4, p. 778

Section 9.4.2. The retrieval system

G. Bergerhoffa and K. Brandenburga

aInstitut für Anorganische Chemie der Universität Bonn, Gerhard-Domagkstrasse 1, D-53121 Bonn, Germany

9.4.2. The retrieval system

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By means of the retrieval system CRYSTIN (Sievers & Hundt, 1987[link]), sets of structures were selected and combined; these contained:

  • (i) one ion in a specific oxidation state (if appropriate);

  • (ii) the other ion of the pair in a specific oxidation state (if appropriate);

  • (iii) structures determined at room temperature;

  • (iv) structures determined at normal pressure;

  • (v) no disordered structures;

  • (vi) no solid solutions;

  • (vii) no defect structures;

  • (viii) structures for which atomic coordinates were given;

  • (ix) only structures with R < 6% when there were many determinations.

For the M structures so defined, n interatomic distances were calculated for the atoms and ions in question. In so doing, all symmetrically equivalent and non-equivalent distances were taken into account. From these, a frequency distribution was calculated automatically. All distances d were collected into ranges of 2 pm. In ([link]–([link], n(d) is the number of distances in the range with midpoint d, [d_1] is the midpoint of the lowest range, and [d_2] is the midpoint of the highest range selected for the calculation of the mean. The choice of [d_1] and [d_2] is discussed in Section 9.4.3[link]. The mean and the standard uncertainty (s.u.) of one set of distances were calculated by means of the equations [ {N}=\textstyle\sum\limits _{d_1}^{d_2}n(d),\eqno (][\hbox {mean}=\mu =N^{-1}\textstyle\sum\limits  _{d_1}^{d_2}d n(d), \eqno (][\hbox {s.u.}=\left (N^{-1}\textstyle\sum\limits _{d_1}^{d_2}(d-\mu)^2n(d)\right) ^{1/2}.\eqno (]


Sievers, R. & Hundt, R. (1987). Crystallographic information system CRYSTIN. In Crystallographic databases, edited by F. H. Allen, G. Bergerhoff & R. Sievers, pp. 210–221. Bonn/Cambridge/Chester: International Union of Crystallography.

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