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Volume D
Physical properties of crystals
Edited by A. Authier

International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. D, ch. 1.6, p. 176

Section 1.6.8. Glossary

A. M. Glazera* and K. G. Coxb

aDepartment of Physics, University of Oxford, Parks Roads, Oxford OX1 3PU, England, and bDepartment of Earth Sciences, University of Oxford, Parks Roads, Oxford OX1 3PR, England
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1.6.8. Glossary

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[\alpha], [\beta], [\gamma] refractive indices of biaxial indicatrix, [\alpha \,\lt\, \beta \,\lt\, \gamma]
[{\hat \alpha}] polarizability operator
[B_i] ith component of magnetic induction
c velocity of light
[c_{k\ell mn}] [k\ell mn\rm{th}] component of elastic stiffness tensor
[\chi_{ijk\ldots}] [ijk\ldots\rm {th}] component of generalized susceptibility
d density
[D_i] ith component of dielectric displacement
[\Delta] phase difference of light
[{\hat e}_{ijm}] unit antisymmetric pseudotensor of rank 3
[E_i] ith component of electric field
[g_{ij}], [G_{ij}] ijth component of gyration tensor
G gyration vector
[\gamma_{ij\ell}] third-rank optical gyration susceptibility
H magnetic field intensity
[\eta_{ij}] ijth component of dielectric impermeability tensor
[\varepsilon_o] permittivity of free space
[\varepsilon_{ij}] ijth component of dielectric tensor
[\kappa] ellipticity of wave
k wavevector of light propagating in crystal ([|k| = 2\pi/\lambda])
[\lambda] wavelength of light
[\mu_o] vacuum magnetic permeability
n refractive index of light
[n_\alpha], [n_\beta], [n_\gamma] refractive indices for biaxial indicatrix, [n_\alpha \,\lt\, n_\beta \,\lt\, n_\gamma]
[n_o] ordinary refractive index
[n_e] extraordinary refractive index
[\Psi_i] wavefunction of state i
[P_i] ith component of electric polarization
[p_{ijk\ell}] [ijk\ell\rm {th}] component of elasto-optic (strain-optic) tensor
[{\hat p}] electric dipole operator
[\rho] optical rotatory power
[\pi_{ijk\ell}] [ijk\ell\rm{th}] component of linear piezo-optic tensor
[r_{ijk}] ijkth component of linear electro-optic tensor
[{\hat s}] unit vector in the direction of s, the wave normal
[S_{ij}] ijth component of strain tensor
[T_{ij}] ijth component of stress tensor
v velocity of sound
V half the angle between optic axes
[\omega] cyclic frequency
[x_i] direction of ith Cartesian axis, i = 1, 2, 3

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