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Volume D
Physical properties of crystals
Edited by A. Authier

International Tables for Crystallography (2013). Vol. D, ch. 2.3, p. 348

Section 2.3.8. Glossary

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2.3.8. Glossary

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[\alpha, \beta, \gamma,\delta,\ldots,\mu,\nu]: Greek indices are used for Cartesian components of vectors and tensors (summation over repeated indices is understood).

[{\bf a}_j] atomic displacement Raman tensor of the jth phonon mode, defined as [\partial \boldchi/\partial Q_j]
[\bf b] susceptibility derivative [\partial\boldchi/\partial{\bf E}] (closely related to the electro-optic tensor [\bf r)]
c velocity of light
[\bf c] elastic stiffness tensor
[\bf d] piezoelectric tensor
[\boldchi] susceptibility tensor
[{\bf e}_{I,S}] polarization vector of incident and scattered light
[{\bf e}_{\kappa}({\bf q},j)] phonon eigenvector of the jth phonon mode of wavevector [\bf q]
[\bf E] electric field intensity
[\bf f] magneto-optic tensor
[\gamma_{j,{\bf q}}] damping constant of mode [(j,{\bf q})]
[\bf H] magnetic field intensity
[\varepsilon_0] permittivity of free space
[\boldvarepsilon] permittivity tensor
[{\bf k}_{I,S}] wavevector of incident and scattered light
[n_{I,S}] refractive index for incident and scattered light
[\bf P] polarization
[\bf q] phonon wavevector
[Q_j({\bf q})] normal coordinate (amplitude of the jth phonon mode of wavevector [\bf q)]
[{\bf R}^j] Raman tensor of jth phonon mode
[\bf S] strain tensor
[\bf T] stress tensor
[\sigma] scattering cross section
[\omega] angular frequency
[{\bf Z}({\bf q})] effective charge matrix

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