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Volume D
Physical properties of crystals
Edited by A. Authier

International Tables for Crystallography (2013). Vol. D, ch. 2.3, p. 342


I. Gregoraa*

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Raman selection rules in crystals of the 4mm class

Scattering configurationCross section for symmetry species
[{\bf q}\parallel{\bf z}] [z(xx)z, z(yy)z] [\sim|a_{\rm LO}|^2]
[{\bf q}\perp{\bf z}] [x(zz)x, x(zz)y] [\sim|b_{\rm TO}|^2]
[\bar y(xz)y, \bar x(yz)x] [\sim|f_{\rm TO}|^2]
[x'(zx')y', x'(y'z)y'] [{\textstyle{1 \over 2}}|f_{\rm TO}|^2 + {\textstyle{1 \over 2}}|f_{\rm LO}|^2]