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Volume D
Physical properties of crystals
Edited by A. Authier

International Tables for Crystallography (2013). Vol. D, ch. 3.4, p. 489


V. Janoveca* and J. Přívratskáb

aInstitute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Na Slovance 2, CZ-18221 Prague 8, Czech Republic, and bDepartment of Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics, Technical University of Liberec, Hálkova 6, 461 17 Liberec 1, Czech Republic
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Left and double cosets, principal and secondary domain states and their tensor parameters for the phase transition with [G=4_z/m_zm_xm_{xy} ] and [F_1=2_xm_ym_z]

P00) and (0±P0): polarization; (000±g00) and (0000±g0): optical activity; u1, u2: strain; s11, s22: elastic compliances (see Fig.[link]).

Left cosets [g_j{\bf S}_1]Principal domain statesSecondary domain states
[1] [2_x] [m_y] [m_z] [{\bf S}_1] [(P00) ] [(000g00) ] [{\bf R}_1] [u_{1}-u_{2}] [s_{11}-s_{22}]
[\bar{1} ] [m_x] [2_y] [2_z] [{\bf S}_2 ] [(-P00) ] [(000{-g}00) ]
[2_{xy} ] [4_z ] [\bar{4}^3_{z} ] [m_{x\bar{y}}] [{\bf S}_3 ] [(0P0) ] [(0000{-g}0) ] [{\bf R}_2 ] [u_{2}-u_{1} ] [s_{22}-s_{11} ]
[2_{x\bar{y}} ] [4^3_z] [\bar{4}_{z}] [m_{xy}] [{\bf S}_4 ] [(0{-P}0) ] [(0000g0)]