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Volume D
Physical properties of crystals
Edited by A. Authier

International Tables for Crystallography (2013). Vol. D, ch. 3.4, p. 492


V. Janoveca* and J. Přívratskáb

aInstitute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Na Slovance 2, CZ-18221 Prague 8, Czech Republic, and bDepartment of Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics, Technical University of Liberec, Hálkova 6, 461 17 Liberec 1, Czech Republic
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Classification of ferroic phases according to ferroelastic and ferroelectric domain states

ne, na and n: number of ferroelectric, ferroelastic and principal domain states, respectively. Terms in parentheses were introduced by Aizu (1970a[link]).

na = n 1 < na < n na = 1 ne = n 1 < ne < n ne = 1 ne = 0
faithful (full) degenerate (partial) non-ferroelastic (non-ferroelastic) faithful (full) degenerate (partial) trivial zero
f or af d or ad n or an f or ef d or ed t or et z or ez
non-ferroelectric (non-ferroelectric)
n or en