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Volume D
Physical properties of crystals
Edited by A. Authier

International Tables for Crystallography (2013). Vol. D, ch. 3.4, p. 510


V. Janoveca* and J. Přívratskáb

aInstitute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Na Slovance 2, CZ-18221 Prague 8, Czech Republic, and bDepartment of Mathematics and Didactics of Mathematics, Technical University of Liberec, Hálkova 6, 461 17 Liberec 1, Czech Republic
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Classification of domain pairs, ferroic phases and of switching (state shifts)

[P_{0i}^{(k)}] and [u_{0\mu}^{(k)}] are components of the spontaneous polarization and spontaneous strain in the domain state [{\bf S}_k], where [k=1] or [k=j]; similarly, [d_{i\mu}^{(k)} ] are components of the piezoelectric tensor, [{\varepsilon}_0{\kappa}_{ij}^{(k)} ] are components of electric susceptibility, [s_{\mu\nu}^{(k)}] are compliance components and [Q_{ij\mu}^{(k)}] are components of electrostriction (components with Greek indices are expressed in matrix notation) [see Chapter 1.1[link] or e.g. Nye (1985[link]) and Sirotin & Shaskolskaya (1982[link])]. Text in italics concerns the classification of ferroic phases. [{\bf E}] is the electric field and [{\sigma} ] is the mechanical stress.

Ferroic classDomain pair – at least in one pairDomain pair – phaseSwitching (state shift)Switching field
Primary At least one [P_{0i}^{(j)}-P_{0i}^{(1)}\neq 0 ] Ferroelectric Electrically first order E
At least one [u_{0\mu}^{(j)}-u_{0\mu}^{(1)}\neq 0 ] Ferroelastic Mechanically first order [{\sigma} ]
Secondary At least one [P_{0i}^{(j)}-P_{0i}^{(1)}\neq 0 ] and at least one [u_{0\mu}^{(j)}-u_{0\mu}^{(1)}\neq 0] Ferroelastoelectric Electromechanically first order E[\sigma]
  All [P_{0i}^{(j)}-P_{0i}^{(1)}= 0] and at least one [{\varepsilon}_0({\kappa}_{ik}^{(j)}-{\kappa}_{ik}^{(1)})\neq 0 ] Ferrobielectric Electrically second order EE
  All [u_{0\mu}^{(j)}-u_{0\mu}^{(1)}= 0 ] and at least one [s_{\mu\nu}^{(j)}-s_{\mu\nu}^{(1)}\neq 0] Ferrobielastic Mechanically second order [{\sigma\sigma}]
[\ldots] [\ldots] [\ldots] [\ldots] [\ldots]

[i,j = 1,2,3]; [\mu, \nu = 1,2, \ldots,6].