New material in the second online edition of Volume D

This edition of Volume D features a new chapter (Chapter 1.11) on the tensorial properties of local crystal susceptibilities, by V. E. Dmitrienko, A. Kirfel and E. N. Ovchinnikova. This chapter describes the symmetry and physical phenomena that allow and restrict forbidden reflections excited at radiation energies close to the X-ray absorption edges of atoms. Reflections caused by magnetic scattering are also discussed.

In Part 1, Chapters 1.1 (an introduction to the properties of tensors), 1.2 (on representations of crystallographic groups), 1.3 (elastic properties), 1.5 (magnetic properties) and 1.10 (on tensors in quasiperiodic structures) have been revised. In particular, Chapter 1.5 features a new section on multiferroics by M. Kenzelmann.

Chapter 3.3 on twinning of crystals has been updated and new sections on the effect of twinning in reciprocal space and on the relations between twinning and domain structure have been added. Chapter 3.4 on domain structures has also been updated.

All known errors in the first edition have also been corrected.