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Edited by V. Kopský and D. B. Litvin

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V. Kopskýa* and D. B. Litvinb

aDepartment of Physics, University of the South Pacific, Suva, Fiji, and Institute of Physics, The Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Na Slovance 2, PO Box 24, 180 40 Prague 8, Czech Republic, and bDepartment of Physics, Penn State Berks Campus, The Pennsylvania State University, PO Box 7009, Reading, PA 19610–6009, USA
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Sectional layer groups of space groups [{\cal F}_{12}] and [{\cal J}_{12}] in the conventional basis [({\bf a}' = 2{\bf b}_{t},{\bf b}' = {\bf c}_{t},{\bf d} = 2{\bf a}_{t})] of the scanning group [Bm_{y}m_{z}m_{x}] and the respective twin symmetries

Space groupPlane [(hkl)]LocationSectional layer group
[s{\bf d}] [{\cal L}(s{\bf d})] Standard symbol Optional symbol
[{\cal F}_{12}] [(110)] [0{\bf d}] [{\bar {\sf F}}_{12}(0{\bf d})] [p12/m1] ([{\bf b}_{t}/2]) [p1{\underline 2}_{z}/m_{z}1] ([{\bf b}_{t}/2])
[{{1}\over{4}}{\bf d}] [{\bar {\sf F}}_{12}({{1}\over{4}}{\bf d})] [p12/m1] [p1{\underline 2}_{z}/m_{z}1]
[s{\bf d}] [{\bar {\sf F}}_{12}(s{\bf d}) = {\widehat {\sf F}}_{12}] [p1m1] [p1m_{z}1]
[{\cal J}_{12}]   [0{\bf d}] [{\bar {\sf J}}_{12}(0{\bf d})] [pmmm] ([{\bf b}_{t}/2]) [p{\underline 2}^{*}_{y}/m^{*}_{y} \ {\underline 2}_{z}/m_{z} \ 2^{*}_{x}/{\underline m}^{*}_{x}] ([{\bf b}_{t}/2])
[{{1}\over{4}}{\bf d}] [{\bar {\sf J}}_{12}({{1}\over{4}}{\bf d})] [pmma] [p{\underline 2}^{*}_{1y}/m^{*}_{y} \ {\underline 2}_{z}/m_{z} \ 2^{*}_{x}/{\underline a}^{*}_{x}]
[s{\bf d}] [{\bar {\sf J}}_{12}(s{\bf d}) = {\widehat J}_{12}] [pmm2] [pm^{*}_{y}m_{z}2^{*}_{x}]
Twin symmetries Location [{\sf T}_{12}(s{\bf d})] Symmetry of the twin
[0{\bf d}] [{\sf T}_{12}(0{\bf d})] [p2mm] [p{\underline 2}_{y}^{*}m_{z}{\underline m}_{x}^{*}]
[{{1}\over{4}}{\bf d}] [{\sf T}_{12}({{1}\over{4}}{\bf d})] [p2_{1}ma] [p{\underline 2}_{1y}^{*}m_{z}{\underline a}_{x}^{*}]
[s{\bf d}] [{\sf T}_{12}(s{\bf d})] [p1m1] [p1m_{z}1]