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Chapter 22.1. Protein surfaces and volumes: measurement and use

Chapter index

Atomic radii
van der Waals,
Atomic solvation parameters
Binding energies,
Cambridge Structural Database (CSD)
van der Waals radii
Complete rolling algorithm
Connected rolling algorithm
Connolly dot surface
Contact surface,
Convex hull
Delaunay triangulation
Extended atoms
Gauss–Bonnet theorem
Hydration surface
Insight II
Marching-cube algorithm
Molecular packing
measurement of
Molecular surface,
Molecular volumes 22.1.1,
Delaunay triangulation
Voronoi construction,
Packing coefficient
Packing density
Packing efficiency
Probe radius,
Probe sphere
Re-entrant surface,
Representation of surfaces,
photorealistic rendering
shaded backbone
Solvent-accessible surface,
Solvent-excluding surface
Standard atomic radii
Standard atomic volumes
Standard residue volumes
Surface-area calculation,
complete rolling algorithm
connected rolling algorithm
Connolly dot surface algorithm
extended atoms
Gauss–Bonnet theorem
Lee & Richards planar slices
marching-cube algorithm
Surface areas 22.1.1
Surfaces 22.1.2
Connolly dot surface
contact surface,
convex hull
definitions of
GRASP surfaces
hydration surface
molecular surface,,
occluded molecular surface
probe sphere
re-entrant surface,
solid polyhedral surfaces
solvent-accessible surface,
solvent-excluding surface
van der Waals surface,
Voronoi polyhedra
Surfaces, representation of,
photorealistic rendering
shaded backbone
Unified-atom approach
van der Waals radii,
from the CSD
van der Waals surface
Vertex error
Voronoi construction
Voronoi polyhedra
and surfaces
chopping-down method
for proteins
method B
radical-plane method
ratio method
vertex error