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Volume F
Crystallography of biological macromolecules
Edited by E. Arnold, D. M. Himmel and M. G. Rossmann

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The 11 point groups with a centre of symmetry

For details see Table[link] Projections of mirror planes are indicated by a bold line or circle. The inversion centre [(\overline{1})] is indicated by a small circle at the origin. Adapted with permission from IT A (2005)[link], Table[link] .

TRICLINIC [\overline{1}] [Scheme scheme17]
MONOCLINIC 2/m [Scheme scheme18] [Scheme scheme19]
ORTHORHOMBIC mmm or [\displaystyle{2 \over m}{2 \over m}{2 \over m}] [Scheme scheme20]
TETRAGONAL 4/m [Scheme scheme21]
TETRAGONAL 4/mmm or [\displaystyle{4 \over m}{2 \over m}{2 \over m}] [Scheme scheme22]
TRIGONAL Hexagonal axes [\overline{3}] [Scheme scheme23]
TRIGONAL Rhombohedral axes [\overline{3}] [Scheme scheme24]
TRIGONAL Hexagonal axes [\overline{3}m1] or [\overline{3}\displaystyle{2 \over m}1] [Scheme scheme25]
TRIGONAL Hexagonal axes [\overline{3}1m] or [\overline{3}1\displaystyle{2 \over m}] [Scheme scheme26]
TRIGONAL Rhombohedral axes [\overline{3}m] or [\overline{3}\displaystyle{2 \over m}] [Scheme scheme27]
HEXAGONAL 6/m [Scheme scheme28]
HEXAGONAL 6/mmm or [\displaystyle{6 \over m}{2 \over m}{2 \over m}] [Scheme scheme29]
CUBIC [m\overline{3}] or [\displaystyle{2 \over m}\overline{3}] [Scheme scheme30]
CUBIC [m\overline{3}m] or [\displaystyle{4 \over m}\overline{3}{2 \over m}] [Scheme scheme31]