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Volume F
Crystallography of biological macromolecules
Edited by E. Arnold, D. M. Himmel and M. G. Rossmann

International Tables for Crystallography (2012). Vol. F, ch. 4.2, p. 126


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Summary of the results of attempts to crystallize the two-subunit cytochrome c oxidase from the soil bacterium Paracoccus denitrificans using different detergents (after Ostermeier et al., 1997[link])

The resolutions of the crystals obtained are given in parentheses. Abbreviations: C12: dodecyl; C11: undecyl; C10: decyl; C9: nonyl; CYMAL-6: (cyclohexyl)hexyl-β-D-maltoside; CYMAL-5: (cyclohexyl)pentyl-β-D-maltoside. x in Ex is the number of oxyethylene units in the alkylpolyoxyethylene detergents. Suppliers: A: Anatrace (Maumee, OH); B: Biomol; C: Calbiochem; F: Fluka.

C12-β-D-maltoside B Yes (8 Å)
C11-β-D-maltoside B Yes (2.5 Å)
C10-β-D-maltoside B No
CYMAL-6 A Yes (2.6 Å)
Dodecylsucrose C No
Decylsucrose C No
C9-β-D-glucoside C No
C12E8 F Yes (> 8 Å)
C12E6 F No
C12E5 F No
C10E6 F No
C10E5 F No