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Section Other focusing collimators

U. W. Arndta

aLaboratory of Molecular Biology, Medical Research Council, Hills Road, Cambridge CB2 2QH, England Other focusing collimators

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There has been very active development in recent years of tapering capillaries for focusing X-rays, either as individual capillaries (see the review by Bilderback et al., 1994[link]), or in the form of multicapillary bundles. The latter were first described by Kumakhov & Komarov (1990[link]); since then, they have undergone great improvements in the form of fused bundles (Bly & Gibson, 1996[link]) (Fig.[link]). Single capillaries have found the greatest use as X-ray concentrators, where a larger-diameter beam of X-rays enters the large end of a tapered capillary and is concentrated to a diameter of a few µm. Fused polycapillary bundles have been employed as focusing collimators for protein crystallography (MacDonald et al., 1999[link]). Both types of capillary optics are usually designed as multi-bounce devices, in which the X-rays undergo several, or many, reflections at the walls of the capillary; consequently the cross-fire half-angle at the output end has a value about equal to the critical angle for reflection at a glass surface or, perhaps, 4 mrad. This is sometimes too great for producing diffraction patterns with an optimum signal-to-background ratio.


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A polycapillary collimator (after Bly & Gibson, 1996[link]).

Other methods of focusing X-rays, such as zone plates (Kirz, 1974[link]) and refractive optics, are being investigated, but at present none of them can compare with toroidal reflectors for data collection from single crystals of macromolecules.


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