International Tables for Crystallography (2012). Vol. F, ch. 9.3, pp. 234-239

Chapter 9.3. X-ray diffraction imaging of whole cells

Chapter index

cellular imaging 9.3.1
coherent X-ray diffraction microscopy (CXDM) 9.3.1
Crowther resolution
error-reduction algorithm 9.3.1
imaging of whole cells 9.3.1
input–output algorithm 9.3.1
oversampling phasing method 9.3.1
phase retrieval
from single-particle diffraction data 9.3.2
phase retrieval transfer function 9.3.2
radiation damage
in single-particle diffraction
radiation-induced shrinkage
single-particle diffraction 9.3.2
stereoscopic viewing
yeast, high-resolution imaging of 9.3.3