Tables for
Volume G
Definition and exchange of crystallographic data
Edited by S. R. Hall and B. McMahon

International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. G, ch. 2.2, p. 27

Section Non-expansion of save-frame references

S. R. Hall,a* N. Spadaccini,c I. D. Brown,d H. J. Bernstein,e J. D. Westbrookb and B. McMahonf Non-expansion of save-frame references

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(32) Save frames are permitted in CIFs, but expressly for the purpose of encapsulating data-name definitions within data dictionaries. No reference to these save frames is envisaged, and the save-frame reference code permitted in STAR is not used. This means that unquoted character strings commencing with the $ character may not be interpreted as save-frame codes in CIF. Use of such unquoted character strings is reserved to guard against subsequent relaxation of this constraint.

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