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'_atom_type_scat_Cromer_Mann_a1' '_atom_type_scat_Cromer_Mann_a2' '_atom_type_scat_Cromer_Mann_a3' '_atom_type_scat_Cromer_Mann_a4' '_atom_type_scat_Cromer_Mann_b1' '_atom_type_scat_Cromer_Mann_b2' '_atom_type_scat_Cromer_Mann_b3' '_atom_type_scat_Cromer_Mann_b4' '_atom_type_scat_Cromer_Mann_c'


   The Cromer-Mann scattering-factor coefficients used to calculate
   the scattering factors for this atom type.

   Ref: International Tables for X-ray Crystallography (1974). 
         Vol. IV, Table 2.2B
   or   International Tables for Crystallography (2004). Vol. C,
        Tables and

Appears in list containing _atom_type_symbol

Type: numb

Category: atom_type

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