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Powder diffraction
Edited by C. J. Gilmore, J. A. Kaduk and H. Schenk

International Tables for Crystallography (2018). Vol. H, ch. 2.1, p. 31

Table 2.1.1 

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Types of beam-path components available in laboratory X-ray powder diffraction

The column numbering corresponds to the positions indicated in Fig. 2.1.2[link] at which individual components can be mounted.

Position 1Positions 2 and 4Position 3Position 5
X-ray sourcesX-ray opticsGoniometer baseSpecimen stagesDetectors
Fixed target Absorptive (apertures, metal filters) Vertical [ω–θ (θ–θ), ω–2θ (θ–2θ)] Fixed, rotating Scintillation
Moving target (rotating anodes, liquid-metal jets) Horizontal [ω–θ (θ–θ), ω–2θ (θ–2θ)] Specimen changer Gas ionization (metal wire, micro-gap)
Diffractive (monochromators, analysers)   Eulerian cradles
  Kappa stages
    Tilt/fixed χ stages Semiconductor (SiLi, strip/pixel, CCD/CMOS)
  Reflective (multilayer mirrors, capillary optics)   XYZ stages
    Flow-through cells
    Non-ambient (low temperature, high temperature, humidity, high pressure)