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Volume H
Powder diffraction
Edited by C. J. Gilmore, J. A. Kaduk and H. Schenk

International Tables for Crystallography (2018). Vol. H, ch. 3.4, p. 276

Table 3.4.3 

A. Altomare,a* C. Cuocci,a A. Moliternia and R. Rizzia

aInstitute of Crystallography – CNR, Via Amendola 122/o, Bari, I-70126, Italy
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Classification of indexing methods

Method (strategy/search)SpaceExhaustive
Zone indexing Parameter No
SIW heuristic Parameter Semi
Scan/covariance Parameter (for cubic to monoclinic); index (for triclinic) To monoclinic
Index heuristics Index Semi
Index permutation Index Yes
Successive dichotomy Parameter Yes
Grid search Parameter Yes
Genetic algorithms Parameter No
Monte Carlo Parameter No