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Volume H
Powder diffraction
Edited by C. J. Gilmore, J. A. Kaduk and H. Schenk

International Tables for Crystallography (2018). Vol. H, ch. 3.7, p. 319

Figure 3.7.13 

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[Figure 3.7.13]
Figure 3.7.13

Overview of the trends from the different corrections. The effects are shown as the relative intensity difference (Inon-corrIcorr)/Inon-corr plotted as functions of the scattering angle 2θ (using Cu Kα1) and resolution d = λ/(2 sin θ). The curves are based on average corrections of lysozyme and insulin data. Inon-corr is the raw intensity from a calculated pattern which has only been Lorentz corrected. The geometric correction curve was calculated using η = 0.045 Å−1. From Hartmann et al. (2010[link]).