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Volume H
Powder diffraction
Edited by C. J. Gilmore, J. A. Kaduk and H. Schenk

International Tables for Crystallography (2018). Vol. H, ch. 3.7, p. 312

Section Pseudoephedrine

J. A. Kaduka,b,c*

aDepartment of Chemistry, Illinois Institute of Technology, 3101 South Dearborn Street, Chicago, IL 60616, USA,bDepartment of Physics, North Central College, 131 South Loomis Street, Naperville, IL 60540, USA, and cPoly Crystallography Inc., 423 East Chicago Avenue, Naperville, IL 60540, USA
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As P. W. Stephens was measuring the powder pattern of a commercial pseudo­ephedrine-based decongestant on beamline X16C at the National Synchrotron Light Source at Brookhaven National Laboratory, he noted that extra peaks were present. The lowest-angle peak was at a d-spacing of 12.73 Å, and other peaks occurred at 5.74, 4.62 (strongest) and 4.407 Å. A search in the PDF-4/Organics for compounds having the string `ephed' in the name, a long line at 12.73 ± 0.05 Å and a strong line at 4.62 ± 0.02 Å yielded the single hit 00-041-1946, pseudo­ephedrine hydrochloride, a reasonable im­purity in pseudoephedrine.

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