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Volume H
Powder diffraction
Edited by C. J. Gilmore, J. A. Kaduk and H. Schenk

International Tables for Crystallography (2018). Vol. H, ch. 3.8, p. 338

Figure 3.8.12 

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[Figure 3.8.12]
Figure 3.8.12

Identifying mixtures using lanthanum strontium copper oxide and caesium thiocyanate diffraction data taken from the ICDD Clay Minerals database. The green spheres represent pure phases of lanthanum strontium copper oxide and the yellow pure caesium thiocyanate. The red spheres represent mixtures of the two in the relative proportions of lanthanum strontium copper oxide/caesium thiocyanate 80/20, 60/40, 50/50, 40/60 and 20/80 in an arc commencing on the left-hand side of the diagram. The pie charts give the results of an independent quantitative calculation in which lanthanum strontium copper oxide and caesium thiocyanate have been included as pure phases in a reference database.