International Tables for Crystallography

Syntactic utilities for CIF
B. McMahon. International Tables for Crystallography (2006). Vol. G, ch. 5.3, pp. 499-525  [ doi:10.1107/97809553602060000753 ]


This chapter reviews the general-purpose software tools available for managing CIF data that rely solely or largely on the syntactic structure of the CIF. That is, they allow the checking, extraction, editing or manipulation of arbitrary data items without regard to any specifically crystallographic computation. Some lightweight libraries are also described. The programs reviewed fall within the following categories: syntax checkers; editors with graphical user interfaces; software for data-name validation; file-transformation programs; libraries callable from scripting languages; rapid development tools; and tools particularly useful for macromolecular applications using mmCIF.

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International Tables for Crystallography is the definitive resource and reference work for crystallography. The series consists of nine volumes and comprises articles and tables of data relevant to crystallographic research and to applications of crystallographic methods in all sciences concerned with the structure and properties of materials.