Superspace Finder v2.0 Beta version
3D derivatives of (3+1)D space groups in analytical form
  • Displays commensurate cuts of superspace groups
  • Finds common (3+1)D denominator for a set of 3D groups
  • Of special use for phase transitions and modular structures
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Systems Classes 3D groups (3+1)D groups

3+1D to 3D group transformation for commensurate modulation

N1, N2, N3 - denominators of q-vector components (simple N if there is only one component).
3D derivatives inherit basis of parental (3+1)D group.
To obtain specific group orientation and symbol a basis transofrmation might be necessary.


Constraints of t level. Variable n stands for any integer.

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Laboratoire de Cristallographie
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne
CH-1015 Lausanne, Switzerland
Concept and content: Ivan Orlov
Programming: Nicolas Schoeni
Project review: Gervais Chapuis
This project would not be possible without JANA2000. We are indebted to Vaclav Petricek and Michal Dusek. We especially thank Lukas Palatinus and Michal Dusek for their superb assistance with group derivations. WOP!WEB Services for web sites... FREE!