International Tables for Crystallography

Volume A: Space-group symmetry

Second online edition (2016)   ISBN: 978-0-470-97423-0

Edited by M. I. Aroyo

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International Tables for Crystallography is the definitive resource and reference work for crystallography and structural science. Volume A of the series, Space-group symmetry, contains diagrams and tables of data for the 17 plane groups, the 230 space groups and the 32 crystallographic point groups. This new edition is edited by M. I. Aroyo and has been extensively updated and revised.

Part 1 of the volume provides an introduction to space-group symmetry. It includes chapters on groups, crystallographic and space-group symmetry, descriptions of space groups, coordinate-system transformations and methods of space-group determination. The final chapter provides a useful introduction to topics treated in more depth in Volumes A1 and E of the series. The chapters in this part have been written with teaching in mind, and will prove invaluable for undergraduates or graduates wishing to learn about symmetry in crystallography, while providing a clear introduction to the topic for researchers from other disciplines.

Part 2 of the volume presents the diagrams and tables of plane- and space-group data. The layout of the tables of data, the symbols used in the diagrams and the classification of the space groups are explained in a useful guide. Together these form an essential resource not only for professional crystallographers, but also for chemists, physicists, mineralogists, biologists and material scientists who employ crystallographic methods and who are concerned with the structure and the properties of crystalline materials. The diagrams and tables of data for the plane groups, which are useful for teaching students about space-group symmetry, are freely available in both html and pdf formats.

Part 3 treats more advanced topics on space-group symmetry, and covers crystal lattices, point groups and crystal classes, space-group symbols and their use, lattice complexes, normalizers of space groups, and magnetic subperiodic groups and magnetic space groups.

There are eight new chapters in this edition of Volume A and five chapters have been revised. The layout of the space-group tables has been simplified as the sub- and supergroup data are now available in Volume A1, and there are new general-position diagrams for the cubic space groups. Additional diagrams showing tilted, perspective views of some of the more complex cubic space groups are also provided. Further information about the differences between this and the previous edition can be found in new material in this edition and the Preface.

`The latest edition of International Tables Volume A has a number of substantial reworkings over previous editions. In particular the opening chapters have been largely rewritten and in a form that will be more accessible to most readers. This will be of considerable use to teachers of crystallographic symmetry as well as to those who simply want to learn more about symmetry in crystals. Throughout, definitions are given in a clear format with many examples to aid the reader to understand the underlying theory. Particularly welcome will be the new diagrams for the cubic groups. The new edition is lighter in weight than the previous editions and thus easier to carry round with you. All in all, a smart and important book that should be on every crystallographer's desk.'

Mike Glazer